The Importance of Keeping Your Roof Clean

Albuquerque is known for its unpredictable weather. One day it can be extremely cold and snowing and the next day unseasonably warm. From massive wind storms to the monsoon season, Albuquerque’s weather has it all! With all the unpredictable weather Albuquerque faces, your commercial roof may be in danger. Do you know if your business’s roof is clean? When was the last time you checked on it? You may want to consider taking a look at your roof, or you could be at risk for some major unanticipated expenses down the line. Here are a few things to consider when examining your roof and starting the cleaning process:

Look for Damage
Once you have made it to your rooftop, look for any damages to the roof’s surface. If there is any structural or membrane damage, make sure you call an Albuquerque roofer immediately, before the damage becomes worse. Due to the unpredictable weather we face, many times our roofs experience substantial damage without us knowing it until it’s too late.

Get Rid of Debris
If you find debris on your roof, makes sure to dispose of it in a timely manner. Any tree branches, trash, leaves, etc., left on your roof can potentially lead to damage. When debris is left unattended, it has the potential to blow around causing damage to the roof’s membrane. Debris can also end up in your water drainage systems, causing a clog and leading to unwanted water to collect on your roof. Still water on a rooftop can lead to foul smells, or worse, ceiling leaks. Make sure to clean out all drains to ensure your roof is prepared for any unpredictable weather.

Start Roof Cleanup
Once your roof is free of all debris, it’s time for the washing process! Check with your local municipality prior to washing your roof. There may be additional steps you need to take in order to not violate any laws. A clean roof can lower the surface temperature of your building, keeping your business’s heating & cooling systems working properly. Along with that, it can improve the performance of your roof’s membrane, make it more aesthetically appealing.

Don’t let your unclean roof be the leading cause of your business’s roof damage. Take the necessary steps to ensure your roof stays clean and protected. Albuquerque is known for having flat roofs, which already leads to more potential harmful roof issues. If you are experiencing problems with your roof, give Albuquerque’s trusted roofing specialists, Whitlock Enterprises, a call today!