Choosing Your Albuquerque Roof Material

Trying to figure out which roofing material you want for your home? Make sure you account for these seven factors in the decision:

1) Installation cost

The most obvious factor is still an important one to consider. Whether it’s the cost of the materials involved or the labor for installation, different roofing materials come in a variety of prices. Tile and other heavier, sturdier materials will generally be more expensive, both in terms of material and in terms of labor. Specialty roofing materials, such as high-efficiency green shingles, will also cost more.

2) Upkeep costs

How difficult will it be to keep your roof clean, aesthetically pleasing, and effective? Shingles fall off but are easily replaced, while metal roofs are resilient in pragmatic terms, but can be easily dented and can lose their beauty with relative ease.

3) Longevity

Tile roofs are designed to last as long as the home beneath them. Shingled roofs need replacing every 10 to 20 years. Other roofs, such as metal, fall somewhere between these two extremes. It’s important to consider how often you’re willing to go through the trouble and how much you’ll spend over the years.

4) Energy efficiency

Tile roofing remains the standout winner for home energy efficiency, thoroughly containing heat and cool and reflecting away sunlight. Standard asphalt shingles are by far the worst for energy efficiency, especially as an Albuquerque roofing material, because of how much heat they can accumulate. Metal roofing with a proper coating and good insulation is a decent option; with poor insulation or no coating, it can be as bad as asphalt shingles.

5) Safety

Standard asphalt shingles aren’t going to ignite at the first hint of flame, but they are significantly less resistant to a fire than metal or tile. Sturdier materials are also notably more resilient in the face of falling trees and other problems you might see during a heavy storm.

6) Installation time

Tile roofing takes quite a while to install compared to something like shingles, with basic metal roofing taking the least time of all. If you need a quick, painless installation, you’ll want to take this into account—a metal roof can be finished in full, and workers out of your hair, in a fraction of the time some other installations may take.

7) Weight

Metal and shingles are both remarkably light compared to tiles, which can make it difficult to move from those lighter materials to tile without adjustments to the architecture of your home. You may need to opt for metal that looks like tile instead or invest in major changes to your home.

If you’d like to learn more about your options for roofing, or you’re ready to schedule a roof installation, contact Whitlock Enterprises today. We’ll be glad to help you figure out what the best roof for your needs and budget would be.