3 Best Ways to Reinforce Your Roof

If you live in Albuquerque, you’ll most likely never have to visit a doctor for a Vitamin D deficiency: the hot sun will give you plenty – and, unfortunately, do damage to your roof. While endless sun may be good for outdoor adventures, it can cause severe damage to your roof, especially in the dry climate of New Mexico.

While some types of roofs fare better than others in this kind of weather, we respect your right to have the kind of roof that you want, knowing that your home is a hallmark of your individuality. Rain or shine, it’s your choice, though we can give you a list of the pros and cons of all of your options, along with the challenges and upsides of each one.

1. Rolled roofing

Although not known for its particular aesthetic appeal to some, rolled roofing packs a double: it’s durable and affordable. You can chose from an array of colors, and it’s good for those parts of the house that are somewhat segmented: garage extensions, sheds, porches, and the like. The negatives? When it does start to rain, you may be faced with excess water damage, but it does endure intense sunlight.

2. Tiles

Tiles will definitely cohere with an inviting but “wild desert” feel for your home, and are probably the most aesthetically pleasing but durable option among them. Centuries old houses will have the same tiled roofs they did when they were first built, and these houses will often sell faster than those with asphalt shingle roofs. Better yet, they vary in shade and color so you can better coordinate with the rest of your house. Cons? Tiles can and do break often, and your house must be a certain weight to accommodate them.

3. Shingle roofs

Which roof option is the most affordable of them all? Shingles! Indeed, shingles require the least amount of maintenance and are incredibly affordable. Alas, no one’s perfect and the most affordable certainly doesn’t mean it’s the strongest option. Shingle roofs can be particularly vulnerable to hail damage, though our roof specialists are specially trained to deal with breakages of this kind.

There are other options that you can discuss with the specialists at Whitlock Construction. If you’re having concerns deciding what to do with your roof in this New Mexican sun, reach out to us for a consultation! We’re experts when it comes to roof installations and repairs, and no matter which type of roof you choose, let Whitlock Construction help you keep it looking as good as new!